Titanium Alloy Camera Protector for IPhone 14 13 12

Titanium Alloy Camera Protector for IPhone 14 13 12

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Why do you need lens film?

1. The lens is protruding and easily damaged

2. The lens film can protect the camera lens of the mobile phone well

3. The lens film can save you maintenance costs due to wear and tear

Color original machine

Titanium alloy mold

Say goodbye to broken lenses Don't be afraid of accident

Effective decomposition of titanium alloys

Fully protect the lens from shattering


Titanium alloy film

1. Spiral process three-dimensional titanium alloy ring

2. Lens grade tempered film

3. Nano glue layer

4. Isolation layer

5. Release sticker

Adsorbs tightly and does not fall off

Resist everyday friction damage

24 hours a day protection

Titanium alloy lens film

Effective protection around the lens, effectively reduce lens glass damage, comprehensive protection

HD perspective

Take clear pictures at any time

Prevent dust from entering and reject oil pollution

Add color to life