Household Double Head Automatic Dumpling Maker Mold

Household Double Head Automatic Dumpling Maker Mold

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Wrap two at a time for quick dumplings


Imitating hand-pressed edges, the dumpling skins fit more symmetrically on hand.
The dumpling skins fit tightly, and they won't open when cooking!

No skills are required, just press down to improve efficiency.
Parent-child interaction, add fun!Two dumpling slots, suitable for making dumplings with children!


  • Name: Automatic dumpling machine (utility model patent design)
  • Features: Double-ended design, durable, imitation hand-made lace
  • Material: 304 stainless steel + ABS
  • 1. Healthy ABC material
    Safe access to food.
  • 2. Press the handle steel plate to reinforce
    Strong and sturdy. Comfortable and easy pressing.
  • 3. Storage lock
    Dumpling trays are stored upside-down, free from dust
  • 4. Anti-slip rubber pads
    Prevent wear and tear