Smartwatch Men P8 Max

Smartwatch Men P8 Max

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P8 Max Language

English / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / German / French / Spanish / Arabic / Russian / traditional Chinese / Ukrainian / Italian / Portuguese


Package Included

P8 Max Smart watch * 1
User manual * 1
USB Cable * 1


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COLMI store

Authentic COLMI smart watch are engineered and manufactured with high-quality materials, and they're always quality-tested before they leave our factory.
Since counterfeit or fake devices are not built or tested to these standards, they might perform poorly or malfunction. So, we recommend buying devices sold only by COLMI store.



1. Please do not wear the COLMI smart watch while taking a bath.
2. COLMI smart watch cannot be used for medical treatment, if you have high blood pressure, etc., it is recommended to buy professional medical equipment.


Warranty Policy

Warranty one year.


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Brand Story

COLMI was established in 2012.

Slogan: Your first smart watch.
Young and simple, but never naive.

Mission: Provide cost-effective smart electronics.